About Me...

I believe strongly in the power of faith. Life, even on the hardest of days, is an amazing gift. Dreams, no matter how small or how lofty are worth pursuing. I have tried to instill these things in my two children, who are now grown and following their own paths less traveled. My computer wizard son is currently in the US Navy, and my daughter is a talented graphic designer/art director in Japan.

I've been writing short stories and newspaper articles since I was in elementary school in South Florida. Among other things, I dreamed of becoming an author, an architect, an artist, a teacher, a mermaid at Weeki Wachee, and a blonde Brenda Starr.

Though I haven't achieved all those exact goals, it's been quite a journey from the sandy beaches of Hollywood, Florida, to those of the Jersey Shore where I taught for many years as a reading specialist, technology/writing teacher, and a facilitator of adult education classes. I earned two masters degrees, raised two children, survived breast cancer and learned to tango. I believe it's important for all of us to use our gifts to express ourselves and to make a difference in creating a better world.

I love people and learning - about holistic health, religion & spirituality, sign language, human development, art, music, and creativity to name a few. I completed my Reiki Level III training in 2016 and am integrating that as a B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) Practitioner in a practice that enhances wellness. I'm currently working on a nonfiction book based on energy work and creating your dream life A to Z. (See the events page for my workshop on energy and making your dreams come true.) I'm blessed to belong to the world's best book club, too.

After taking early retirement, I've traveled and experienced many new things and places: viewing the natural beauty of Alaska, taking tango lessons in Argentina, and hiking and meditating in the majestic landscapes of Sedona, Arizona. I even received scuba diving certification while on the beautiful island of Oahu and rode a mule down the cliffs of Molokai. I've been teaching myself Spanish the past few years and loved visiting Mexico.

My last major trips were to Bali, the inspiration for the current book I'm working on, and Japan, where my daughter is a graphic designer. I also enjoy visiting friends & relatives in Florida (especially escaping the cold & snow of NJ winters), and I've fallen in love with the Treasure Coast down there.

I adore ballroom dancing, and though I may never appear on Dancing With the Stars, I dance every day, whether it’s taking lessons or going to socials, participating in Zumba at the gym, or just moving around the house!

My first published short story, "Stuck in Seaside Heights," appeared in Crime Scene: NJ2. My novel is also placed at the Jersey Shore, the home of old and new money, power, intrigue, summer vacations, and of course, enduring love. Since then I've had stories published in several anthologies including Snowbird Christmas Volumes 1 and 3, and 30 Shades of Dead, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sisters in Crime.

Having my novel, Dangerous Sands, published was a dream come true! As a member of Liberty State Fiction Writers, New Jersey Romance Writers, RWA, and Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey, I've continued to learn new things about the craft and marketing of writing.

LSFW has a great conference in March, and NJRW has one in October. These are a lot of fun and great opportunities to learn your craft and more about the industry in these changing times. Making daily progress requires perseverance and hard work - but the process of doing something you love is so worth it!

No matter what the challenges - and we all have them - life is good and getting better all the time, one day at a time!

Happy reading & enjoy life! Karen

Vero Beach and Fort Pierce